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Monday, January 21, 2013

White Urkle Strain

White Urkel is a heavy hitting indica dominate strain.
White Urkle up close


This is a great looking strain with dark green nugs mixed with large orange hairs.


The white urkle smells good almost like lemons and a dark wine mixed together.


The taste is deep and lung expanding. Very pungent and pine after taste.


White urkle is a cross between the famous White widow x Purple Urkle.

Medical Uses

This is perfect for night time use or just to relax your muscles in general.

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  1. Smoking weed can be therapeutic, it can have many benefits. It all depends on how you use it for, though it poses a high risk, cause it is highly addictive. Just know when to stop then you're good.

  2. Just don't abuse it. If its proven that it is not addictive, then sold it to the public. Its better to sell this than marijuana and other addictive substances. Authorities must also set guidelines and prescription to control its consumption.

  3. Puff it like a mad man its all good. White Urkle is a medium producer of some high quality good sized buds that store well if properly dried. Its good as a night time med but can be used during the day if consumption is limited.

  4. I don't think y'all know much about cannabis, @Morgan its not highly addictive or even remotely for that matter. When you don't smoke you're not going to withdrawal from its use like with dangerous pharmaceuticals like say lortab or Xanax but it is capable of treating the same disorders. @ Joseph this white urkel is marijuana so I'm not sure what you're getting at. Also white urkel is purple urkle x the white not white widow, FYI.


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