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Monday, August 13, 2012


J1 is one of my favorite sativa dominate cannabis strains! It has a smooth yet powerful tone upon exhaling. The high is a very controlled sativa effect yet it seems to have a relaxing linger to it. Lets get started by covering the genetics, smell, taste, and medicinal uses of the j1 strain.


The j1 strain genetics are as follows : Jack Herer (S) x Skunk #1(I)


The J1 strain has a very citrus friendly aroma to it. Imagine the distinct Jack Herer strain scent with a fresh piney undertone. 


The taste of this strain will leave the back of your throat with a lingering sativa dominant aroma and has a very smooth tone when you exhale. I recommend using a water bong with ice for a powerful strain like the J1!

Medicinal Uses

I recommend the j1 as a day time medication due to its high energy and creative effects it can have. If you are new to smoking cannabis this strain could be overwhelming and leave you paranoid. Make sure you have built up a tolerance before smoking to much of anything crossed with Jack Herer :)

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  1. Very good for depression. I smoke a small amount till my mood improves and then stop. Not much is needed to lift your mood up.


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