Saturday, February 21, 2015

Grandma Cookies Strain

I picked this up at Norcal Collective in San Jose, CA and was told it was top shelf. They were right and that's why its making my list of strain reviews. I was looking for a night time herb this week and this one hit the spot. 


Has the taste of granddaddy for sure. Mix of deep grape and pine tree is the perfect was to describe it.


Has that deep grape fuel smell to it .You know its gonna be a hitter.


Two powerhouse strains, San Fernando Valley OG x Girl Scout Cookies.

Medicinal Uses:

Perfect for pain management at nighttime as well as insomnia. Overall great night strain, wouldn't recommend as much for daytime unless its predominantly for pain.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Blue Kush Strain

Blue kush is one baddass strain. Let us get into it.


Blue kush is a cross between powerhouse strains OG Kush and Blueberry.


The taste of blue kush is distinct in that its smoke is really smooth. Pungent pine cones with deep a deep kushy undertone.


It has that real kush smell to it. Deep pine cone fuel is about all i can come up with.


This is one of the reason Blue kush scores as one of the best cannabis strains.  It is light in color and coated with Trichomes. This strain will have you packing snappers and be happy!

Medicinal Uses

Perfect day time and night time strain. This strain helped me stay on task throughout the day and focused. I noticed when i smoked it at night i had no problem sleeping and my pain was diminished.

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Black Kush Strain

If you are looking for a strong indica strain this could be it. Black kush is becoming increasingly popular among dispensaries because of its potency.

Black OG Kush - Photo Credit - nuggetry


Like berries and fruits. It smells extremely pungent when you sniff up close.


The taste is similar to the smell except the strong indica scent is left in your throat for quote some time. I would recommend having water nearby for any cotton mouth.

Medical uses

I would recommend the black og kush as a nighttime smoke. It provides a calm and relaxed state of mind perfect for watching movies or falling asleep.


The black diamond og kush strain is a potent indica mixed between Blackberry & Diamond OG.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Black & Blue Strain

The black and blue strain is a strong night time herb which has that strong blueberry taste.


Looks decent and yields medium to large size nugs covered in trichomes if you look closely.


The taste as i mentioned above is exactly like blue kush. Deep pungent berries mixed with a gooey sour D.

Medical uses

I recommend this is a night time strain. It has great calming effects and helps my back and neck relax after being on my feet.


Black and Blue is a cross between blackberry kush & blueberry kush.

Strawberry Kush

The strawberry kush is an indica dominate. If you are a night smoker i recommend the Strawberry Kush as your go to sleeping strain.


Strawberry kush x OG Kush.


A deep smell mix of raspberry and strawberry. One of those strains you know is a one hitter when you smell it.

Medicinal Uses

This strain is the perfect sleep aid. I have found it to have long lasting effects and a heavy body as well as cerebral buzz.