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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hippie Crippler Strain

Hippie crippler is a sativa dominate powerhouse of a strain.


Has a sweet lemon with and pine cone smell to it.


Hippie crippler is a cross between AK 47 X Blue Satellite


Just like the smell it has the deep pungent taste on the inhale almost like a blueberry strain.


Large trichome covered leaves medium sized nugs. Green leaves, orange hairs, crystallized trichmomes.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Marley Natural Launching Soon

The past few years have been instrumental for marijuana legalization advocates and patients alike. More states are seeking to end marijuana prohibition and approve medicinal cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. Experts and critics alike are starting to realize some of the real benefits to medical marijuana especially in the face of a prescription drug epidemic. I say this because many people turn to prescription pills and end up hooked whether its for anxiety or cancer. Not everyone but that should be a good enough reason to promote a natural alternative from the start. Marley Natural is a new company which is still in the process of launching. I have been following them and i believe they could have a great impact on the industry. Marley Natural will sell premium herb in both plant and oil form as well as smoking accessories.

Cannabis Health Benefits 

  • Pain Relief
  • PTSD
  • Nausea & Vomiting 
  • Appetite stimulant
  • Glaucoma

Why This Is Big News

It is said to have an investment backing of up to $50 million. Not only is Marley natural inspired by Bob Marley but it will have backing from his family. The peace and love Bob Marley had is sure to be felt in his product line u.

Lavender Kush

Today i picked up a half oz of some fire Lavender Kush.
Lavender Kush


The first thing that stood out to me was the large dense danky looking nugs.


If you like a weed which has that deep fuely aroma this would be it. Somewhat citrus and grapes with a pungent aftertone.


The taste was bold yet smooth and went down clean with my little ice glass bong bubbler.


Lavender kush genetics include Hawaiian skunk x afghani.


Both these strains combine create an intense indica high.

White Fire Strain

I picked up some White Fire tonight from the cannabis dispensary and decided to make a strain review. White fire at its prime in California can reach THC level of 20.5%+


If you are looking for an uplifting and creative sativa high then white fire will work. I feel like this strain would do well during anytime of the day.


Sweet citrus and piney aroma.


White fire smells like bud that has been dipped into a pine cone and came out as a sweet cookie. I hope this gets the point across to at least half of you out there.

Agent Orange Strain

This strain is one of the best in my books. Since purchasing a half oz at the cannabis collective i have been looking at the bud more than smoking it.
Agent Orange Pic


The agent orange is covered in white THC crystals, orange hairs, and yields dense large nugs.


The smell of this weed strain would be a fuely mix between oranges and lemons.


The genetics behind the agent orange are a triple hybrid cross between orange velvet, jack's cleaner, and the potent space queen.


Provides the patient with a strong cerebral and body buzz. Great for day or nighttime use.

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